Our Approach

"Long-range planning
does not deal with
future decisions,
but with the future
of present decisions."
- Peter Drucker

The KRJ Planning and Research Team applies decades of experience to planning and designing for educational clients. Our goal is to create knowledge incubators for life-long learners. We stay current on trends in education, information technology and sustainable design. Our process is understandable to all stake holders and we are committed to engaging clients with curiosity, respect and integrity. Our product is a clear road-map to achieve the goals that we develop together.

Much as a city park accommodates many different recreational experiences for fun and excitement, we believe a campus-like environment accommodates many different teaching and learning experiences that add to the fun of learning. Spatial boundaries within campuses are blurring: classrooms can flow into the library, the library into the cafeteria, the cafeteria into the corridors and the corridors to the outside commons and playground.

The environment itself becomes part of the teaching process. Our quest and curiosity are endless when it comes to exploring creative enhancements to traditional spaces, allowing them to be used in non-traditional ways. For example, we are asking ourselves questions such as, “How can this building’s corridors be used as teaching spaces as well as pathways throughout the building?”, “What innovative methods can be used to transform these spaces into a place which promulgates knowledge exchange among faculty and students or among students themselves?”, “How can this cafeteria be adapted to be used more than just a few hours a day?” We investigate and integrate all aspects of the existing/proposed space’s needs, intent and potential into creating environments which enhance and maximize learning and teaching experiences.

Well planned campus-like environments as knowledge incubators will encourage students to become life-long learners.