Energy Modeling and Building Envelope Research

Energy Model

  • Types of Modelling
    • Exterior envelope (roof, walls, foundations) to gauge how the building deals with its environment
    • Mechanical system to gauge how the building maintains comfort: temperature, humidity, radiant temperature, fresh air, freedom from contaminants
    • Sources of internal heat gain to understand their effect on building performance
  • Energy modelling can:
    • Provide a road map for a series of projects over time that can dramatically reduce utility bills
    • Qualify your facility for a state-sponsored energy loan with a subsidized interest rate
    • Break away from the prescriptive requirements in newer building codes that can interfere with design intent. These can also save more utility costs than the prescriptive standards
  • In summary, modelling helps us to know in advance the comfort and utility cost consequences of our decisions
  • Building Envelope Research:
    • David Kromm is a board member of the Building Enclosure Council of St Louis
    • We have performed research into ways of minimizing leakages of heating/cooling where roof meets wall and wall meets foundation

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