Research Into Educational Adequacy and Learning Environment

KRJ Planning & Research’s extensive experience in the educational field provides us with a unique ability to identify sources, provide consultation and navigation through the application and negotiations process and secure financial resources for its projects.

Spatial boundaries on campuses are blurring: classrooms flow into the library, the library into the cafeteria, the cafeteria into the corridors, and the corridors into the playground or outside commons. The creative use of partitions and other innovative methods can be employed to transform common areas into places that promulgate information exchange, enhancing the traditional use of theses spaces. We explore ways a corridor can be used as a teaching space as well as a traffic area from one place to another. We ask why the cafeteria is only used a few hours a day – could it not be re-purposed when not being used for meals?

KRJ P&R investigates and integrates all aspects of the existing or proposed space’s needs, intent and potential to create environments that enhance and maximize the learning process.