Our Work

"Long-range planning
does not deal with
future decisions,
but with the future
of present decisions."
- Peter Drucker

Schools and Colleges

KRJ Architects has planned and designed dozens of schools, college facilities, campuses, gymnasiums, and performance auditoriums, both new and renovated, since the firm was established in 1956.

For decades we’ve helped school districts achieve their educational goals while saving money through lower utility costs, long-range facilities and maintenance planning, and optimal space usage.

The knowledge gained working with education industry professionals has formed the basis of our offerings at KRJ Planning & Research. This depth of experience gives us many advantages over typical architectural firms:

  • A better understanding of the evolving needs of educators and students particularly as
    technology has become embedded in classrooms and teaching.
  • Insights into special needs teaching methods, collaborative learning, and needs for flexible
    or movable learning spaces.
  • An ability to integrate the design with the learning environment to spark curiosity and
  • A focus on long-term money-saving measures through phased maintenance planning.
  • An understanding of district planning cycles and budgeting concerns.
  • Assistance in preparing for bond issues to fund new construction, renovations, and phased
    maintenance programs.
  • Help procuring grants for school building improvements.
We are also adept at implementing:
  • School safety technology and equipment
  • Lighting and temperature for optimal learning
  • Energy savers such as LED lighting, roof shades and solar panels
  • Flexible or movable learning spaces