KRJ P&R is an outgrowth of Kromm Rikimaru and Johansen Inc. (KRJarch.com), an architectural firm with nearly 60 years of demonstrated excellence. Founded in 1956 by Walter Kromm, Yuki Rikimaru and Maurice Johansen, KRJs vision remains designing buildings of significance that meet the needs of its clients with specialized programs.

In 1997, Young-Hie Kromm and David Kromm formally launched KRJ Planning & Research to go beyond architecture for education. The outcome of the KRJ P&R planning process is to conserve resources while enhancing the quality of the learning and teaching experience for every student and faculty member – increasing their comfort while simultaneously maximizing their abilities and reducing operating costs.

This unique, integrated planning process creates knowledge incubators for life-long learners, as the facility itself becomes part of the learning experience.